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Courses will be conducted at
Blk 530 Bedok North St 3 #10-636 S(460530) Tel: 6445 0549 / 6294 6018

30-Dec-16 To 14-Jan-17
课程表 (中文)

30 Dec (Fri) Festive Food $45 10:30 am
Kueh Baulu - Delicious baked mini flower ball cup cakes with sweet aroma and a different feel of a crisp external layer and a soft internal cake. Come & savor this special little cake with opposite textures.

Fried Beehive - Light and crispy beehive (Sarang Lebah) festive snack is one of the popular classic tid-bits for both the Malay and Chinese New Years. Made with rice flour and coconut milk, the fragrant crispy snack is deep-fried till golden brown.

Banana Leaves Nian Gao - ‘Nian Gao’ the local term of addressing the steamed new year cake is a necessity festive cake for celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. As its Chinese name suggests, it symbolises children getting taller every New Year. This festive cake made with sugar and rice flour in banana leaves cups are steamed over boiling water till it is cooked. Local way of consuming: Cut into smaller pieces and dip into egg solution before pan-frying.

Fried Beehive
31 Dec (Sat) Barbecue Pork, Beancurd Fish Cake, Cold Jelly, Chilli Sauce $55 2 pm
Barbecue Pork (Bak Kua)

Beancurd Fish Cake

Cold Jelly

Chilli Sauce

Barbecue PorkBeancurd Fish CakeCold Jelly
4 Jan (Wed) Cookies
$50 10:30 am
XO Pineapple Tarts and Fillings - Come and savour our special baked tangy little pineapple tarts with a touch of XO liquor and fragrant cloves. Definitely the favourite snacks for festive season celebrations, cocktail parties and all joyous occasions.

Tangerine Cookies - Delicious little cookies shaped into golden Mandarin tangerines with pineapple fillings specially baked for the coming Chinese New Year.

Kueh Bangkit - Come and taste the aromatic flourish biscuits made with tapioca flour and coconut milk are certainly one of the delightful festive cookies that will melt in your mouth!

Pineapple Tarts
5 Jan (Thu) *Hands-on*
Peanut Puff, Peanut Cookies, Shrimp & Pork Floss Roll
$50 10:30 am
Peanut Puff - Crispy peanut puff with crunchy peanut and sugar bits filling deep-fry till golden brown. Definitely a traditional Chinese festive puff not to miss!

Peanut Cookies - Fragrant home bake peanut cookies filled with crunchy peanuts and butter, topped with a little piece of peanut and bake till golden brown.

Shrimp & Pork Floss Roll

Shrimp Pork Floss Roll
6 Jan (Fri) Cake Making $45 10:30 am
Pandan Chiffon Cake

Mini Walnut Chocolate Cake

Marble Butter Cake

Marble Cake
7 Jan (Sat) Stir Pork with Chinese Wine, XO Sauce Making, XO Sauce Fry Prawn, Steam Fish with XO $55 2 pm
Stir Pork with Chinese Wine

XO Sauce Making

XO Sauce Fry Prawn

Steam Fish with XO

8 Jan (Sun) Oriental Cuisines $50 2 pm
Red Rice Residue Wine

Red Rice Chicken - Famous Chinese (Fu Zhou) style rice residue wine brewing. Genuine in taste and reddish in colour, this special brew is used to produce an excellent cuisine, the Red Rice Residue Chicken. With the combination of ginger slices, fragrant sesame oil and the specially brewed wine, this dish (sometimes served in clay pots) is certainly a classic treasure.

Hakka Abacus Beads

Fried Oyster Omelette

Abacus Beads
11 Jan (Wed) Popiah Making $45 10:30 am
Popiah Skin Making, Popiah Filling & Sambal Chilli

Being one of the local favourite foods, Popiah is definitely an appetising masterpiece that will satisfy your taste buds. Rolled up in thin delicate white flour sheets, are the juicy fillings of fresh lettuce, roasted peanuts, black shrimp paste, Chinese sausages, bean spouts, prawns and egg slices. Enclosed with a little spread of accompanying chilli sauce, the Popiah will definitely be a delightful snack for all.

12 Jan (Thu) Faft Kueh $45 10:30 am
Pumpkin/Sweet Potato/Durian Faft Kuehs - Healthy steamed Oriental style faft kuehs filled with the goodness of steamed pumpkins, durian and sweet potato flesh. High in natural fibres, they are definitely nutritious little snacks for all at home that will bring you health and wealth!

Steam Cake

Faft Kuehs
14 Jan (Sat) Stew Pork, Prawn Roll, Fish Maw Stuff Meat, Teochew Steam Fish $50 2 pm
Stew Pork

Prawn Roll - Authentic Chinese (Hokkien & Teochew) dish of fried prawn roll filled with a marinade of five-spices powder, mince meat, prawn meat, shallots and water chestnut enclosed in a thin sheet of dried bean curd skin deep fry till crispy golden brown. Five-spice powder is a combined blend of five different spices of cinnamon, star anise, clove, peppercorn and fennel seed. It is commonly used for Chinese dishes to enhance the flavor and taste of food.

Fish Maw Stuff Meat

Teochew Steam Fish

Prawn Roll

Prices listed in the Domestic Course Schedule are for Jia Lei's members who are VIP Card holders ONLY.
Non-members will have to pay another additional $5 when attending the above domestic courses.

If not, please purchase one of Miss Bong's Recipe Books to become a member.

1. Professional Bread Making (28 Variety) [ More Details ] S$1,750
2. Professional Cake Making (35 Variety) [ More Details ] S$2,200
3. Professional Cake Decoration [ More Details ] S$1,400
4. Professional HK Dim Sum Making (25 Variety) [ More Details ] S$1,750
5. Professional Kueh Making (22 Variety) [ More Details ] S$1,320
6. Professional Western Food Course [ More Details ] S$1,320
7. Professional Oriental Culinary Course (Chinese Dishes 26 Variety) [ More Details ] S$2,300
8. Commercial Courses are also available: Laksa, Rojak, Pancake, Chwee Kueh & Mee Siam  

Please call the centre's hotline 6294 6018 for details

Blk 530 Bedok North St 3 #10-636 S(460530) Tel: 6445 0549 / 6294 6018 Email: bonghh@jialei.com

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